Logo Design

Logo Design

A logo design is just the beginning of building a recognisable brand. We aim to create designs that reflect your company's values and visions, while working closely to ensure your logo stands out from the crowd. New start-ups and small businesses can benefit greatly from a logo. This means grabbing the attention of new clients and making them come back to you in the future, and recommend you to other potential clients. Just like the big high street brands, having a logo for your company can make you more easily recognised. By having a visually pleasing logo, they can associate with your company. When asked if they know of a company is the same field, you'll be much more likely to be remembered.

So you have the ideas for your new design. Here is a selection of some logos we have produced for clients.

Our Design Service.

Colour Logik offer a professional logo design service in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

For more information on logo design, contact us to speak to our logo designers online today and see how we can help you grow your business!

Quality Web Design


We want to be known as a design company that goes above and beyond and produces quality work for your business.

Design Efficiency


A logo for your company can be both cost effective and above all produced in a timely professional manner for your business.

Customer Web Design


To fully understand our customers business and produce a logo to identify the business and services it offers.