A brochure can be any printed, litho or digital promotional document that spans over four or more pages. Brochures can be used for many things, including promoting a range of services or showcasing your company products.

So you have decided on a brochure or newsletter to advertise your company – below is an example of some previous work.

Brochure Design

A brochure is a great tool in carrying your message to your clients in a way that other types of media marketing simply cannot offer.

Successful brochure design is a blend of planning, balance of content and the fundamental understanding of how the design will translate when printed on paper.

Brochure Design Birmingham

The Design Process

We approach the brochure design, this starts with achieving a conceptual page layout design.

This process helps streamline the process prepare enagaging copy with a balanced look and feel in mind.

Brochure Design Birmingham

Does size matter?

What size best suits your project and which media will work best for your brochure content?

We work with our clients to help fine tune copy, layout and images to create marketing material that will engage with your audience.

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