Design / Artwork

Colour Logik offer a professional artworking service

If you would like to use our online print services, but feel you don't have the knowledge to produce your own artwork, then help is at hand.
We are a professional artwork service to provide the link between you and the final printed job. It is an important stage where artwork, designs and visuals are converted into digital print-ready files. These files can then be used to produce printed copies on press.

Benefit of using a service like ours is to avoid:

  • Costly time or financial errors on press
  • Unnecessary delays in production
  • Receive advice on how your design will suit the chosen print process (or not as the case may be)

Why use Colour Logik?

When employing Colour Logik to produce correctly setup print-ready digital files, you can be assured of a quick, efficient no-hassle service that will work out cost-effective too! 

  • Extensive print process knowledge and experience on various platforms -
    screen, offset, and digital (both large and small format)
  • A genuinely professional service -
    you won’t have to worry about any problematic digital conversion issues
  • Experienced colour management and image enhancement as part of the service
  • Cutter guide creation, Spot UV, Embossing creation

Who are these artwork services for?

  • Trade printers – hourly rates for temporary work
  • Design agencies and studios – support services for over-spill work and large one-off projects
  • Anyone using our online print service without the technical knowledge to produce print ready artwork