About Us

About Us

We offer a total colour management consultancy service for Publishers, Photographers, Designers, Repro and Printing companies.

Why Colour Logik?

A professional quality profiling service using X-rite equipment and Profilemaker software. Even on a £50 inkjet printer we have managed to create profiles that pass the Fogra tolerances. Our colour management consultant will also evaluate your workflow and advise on further improvements.


Many years experience in the Design/Print industry and have created profiles for some of the well known magazines we see in our shops today.

Our main services are:

Supplying custom made printer profiles to Photographers/Design Agencies/Repro and Printing Companies and home enthusiasts who want the images they print on their inkjet printer to match what they see on screen.

Recently Fogra Certified and supplying contract proofs to Designers and Printing companies with Fogra Strip and verification sticker to prove reliability and quality.

We also supply and setup colour equipment from calibration equipment to colour managed workflows. Please call our colour management consultant to discuss in more detail.

Artworking and Print services to the trade and individual companies.

Web Design and Web2Print Solutions for corporate companies and print / repro house.